Weixu Lu

Curriculum Vitae




School of Communication and Information

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

4 Huntington Street

New Brunswick, NJ  08901-1071


c: (312)-714-0104





Ph.D., Department of Communication, Rutgers University              2017 (expected)

M.A.,   Department of Sociology, East China Normal University     2010

B.A.,    Department of Sociology, East China Normal University     2005





Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Hampton, K. N., Lu, W., & Shin, I. (In press). Digital media and stress: the cost of caring 2.0. Information, Communication & Society, 1-20. doi:10.1080/1369118X.2016.1186714

Lu, W., & Hampton, K. N. (In press). Beyond the power of networks: Differentiating network structure from social media affordances for perceived social support. New Media & Society. doi:


Book Chapters

Lu, W. (2011). Housing exclusion and the social mobility of highly-educated young immigrants in Shanghai. In Y. Chen (Ed.), Facing Contemporary Cities: Questions and Methods. Shanghai: Guji. (In Chinese)



Hampton, K.N., Rainie, L., Lu, W., Shin, I., & Purcell, K. (2015). Social Media and the Cost of Caring. Pew Research Center.

Hampton, K.N., Rainie, L., Lu, W., Dwyer, M., Shin, I., & Purcell, K. (2014). Social media and the ‘spiral of silence’. Pew Research Center.




Hampton, K., Shin, I., & Lu, W. (2016). Social Media and Political Discussion: When Online Presence Silences Offline Conversation. Paper presented at International Communication Association Annual Conference, Fukuoka, Japan.

Lu, W. (2015). Brewing intolerance in a digital ethnic enclave: Racial and ethnic discourse on a Chinese diaspora online discussion board. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.


Lu, W. & Hampton, K. (2015). “Beyond the power of networks: Differentiating network structure and social media for social support”. Paper presented at the American Sociological Association 2015 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


Lu, W. (2014). “Make more friends or post it on Facebook? Exploring the relationship between network structural characteristics, Facebook activities, and perceived social support. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.


Dadlani, P, Lu, W, & Doerfel, M (2014, February). Two Peas in a Pod? ICTs in Individual and Interorganizational Networks Poster presented at The International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, St. Peter, FL.




2014-2015       Fellowship, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University



2010    Distinguished Contribution Award, Social Survey Center of East China Normal University




Lecturer (Department of Communication, Rutgers University)

Structure of Information                     (COM152)                  2016

Communication and Technology        (COM354)                  2016

Public Speaking                                      (COM380)                 2016


Teaching Assistant (Department of Communication, Rutgers University)

Communication Theory          (COM200)                  2013, 2014

Intro to Communication         (COM101)                  2013, 2016

Communication Research       (COM300)                  2012


Travel Study Teaching Assistant (University of California, Los Angeles)

Global Studies Travel Study in Shanghai (GS110A, GS110B)         2009, 2010, 2012





Research Assistant (Rutgers)

Pew Research Center survey (Dr. Keith Hampton)               2013 – 2015


Research Assistant (Social Survey Center, East China Normal University)

Shanghai Disaster Preparedness Project                                 2009

(Civil Defense Office of Shanghai Municipality)




Member, National Communication Association                                since 2014

Member, International Communication Association                          since 2016

Member, International Network for Social Network Analysis           since 2013

Member, American Sociological Association                                    since 2015





Referee work

New Media and Society (2016)

International Journal of Internet Science (2015)